Our strengths in the South West

We are a region with strong and growing expertise in world leading industries, in a highly desirable area of outstanding natural beauty that can offer a place to work, invest and live that is second to none in the UK and competes with any place in the world.

As recognised in our recent South West and South East Wales Science and Innovation Audit we have world-leading research and innovation in the South West, including aerospace, microelectronics, energy generation, environmental technologies, and digital systems including:

The South West can lead the UK and compete with the world in advanced engineering and digital innovation, driving growth of its’ large-scale aerospace, microelectronics, high tech marine engineering and energy sectors, while creating new industries across environmental technologies, digital health, and the creative sector. Strong integration of scientific excellence within our universities and institutes, with an innovative industrial sector with a thriving SME population, will lead to substantial job creation and sustained economic growth.